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"It all began with an innocent work trip to Portugal, where I fell in love with the magic of the Portuguese guitar first, and not long afterwards I got to know other unique instruments and was conquered by them, too.


I have been playing for more than 20 years, I have a diploma in music from the Vienna Conservatory and a vast experience as a musician and producer.  However, I do not play fado or other ethnic music. So I have created a bridge between the traditional instruments and acoustic rock music. Later I even produced an album which embodies this beautiful connection – “My Promised Land”.


Having received a lot of requests from friends who were interested in the special sounds, I decided to open Musical Spices and make these instruments available outside their home countries.


The motto that guides us in Musical Spices is spices. Add seasoning to your music. Make it special, unique and exotic.


Oud, bouzouki, saz, tar and so on ... they are well-known ethnic instruments, but why stop there? There is a huge variety of wonderful instruments and sounds, which we have the pleasure to bring to you.


In my profession I manage quality in the bio-chemical industry, and this is not accidental. Quality for me is above all, and thus the quality of the instruments, transparency and customer satisfaction are my main goals. The high standard of quality is reflected in every product you find in the store. All of them are carefully chosen, of the best quality and served to you at the friendliest price.

My main slogan is "What's good for me as a player is good for my customers." There are no products in the store which I wouldn’t use myself as a musician. And every instrument sold in the store is sold with love, as if it were my personal instrument.

Another guideline we use in our store is "We have what nobody else has." We will continue to bring you unique products which you can only find only in our store!


We are here for you at Musical Spices, because here music comes above all!


So go ahead, grab an instrument and start creating your own special music! "


- Ziv Tamari,

   Manager and owner

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לחצו על האייקון
Musical Spices
Rachel HaMeshoreret St 10, Petah Tikva
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